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Bathroom rescue the market trend of divergent views Smart Bund
Up Time: [2010/7/26]  From:

Bathroom business continues to develop, by the end of May, the 15th session of the Shanghai International Kitchen & Bath brand at home and abroad as to review a good time. Recalling the last three years of development, China sanitary industry usher in a new opportunity for development: the rise of national enterprises, independent innovation, the merger financing, show ambition and drive; international brands beachhead in the Mainland market, the acquisition reorganization, resource integration, highlights of the international giants attention to the Chinese market. 2010, the market very, very far future, the market is still in the bathroom of a free-lords, who can withhold the pulse of market development? Who will lead the sanitary fashion industry

    Under the current atmosphere in the Expo exhibition, in addition to a wealth of products and heavily built outside the booth, and the brightest star-studded, green, green, low carbon popular, brand "marriage" emerging ... ... the whole show was dazzling excitement.

    Into a bright green star partner

    Today's domestic sanitary company debut, it seems that they always figure star, Michelle Reis, Fan Bingbing, Lin Chi-ling, each of which have played star license. Many enterprise leaders admitted that their aim is to improve sanitary products with celebrities and business concerns of their degree, so as to enhance and consolidate the brand influence in attracting consumers, dealers also stabilize the heart, can say whether the pop star, able to Go big, has become a bathroom immediately determine important basis for business strengths.

    The "low-carbon, green, green" has become another show "stars", Kohler, TOTO, and other famous enterprises have played a low-carbon, environmentally friendly banner, to meet the energy saving consumers nowadays, low-carbon living requirements. It is understood that many companies have introduced water-saving faucet, smart toilets, stone bathtubs, and many other water-saving aluminum, materials, energy-efficient new products.

    Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, the Chinese vice president, Miao Bin, Secretary-General pointed out that the green bathroom industry, environmental protection should focus on saving water and energy. The term is for low-carbon energy business, even on low-carbon bath industry, it should be emphasized that reduced consumption in the production process, rather than take the concept of product speculation


   New debut corporate restructuring and merger

    In addition to the emergence of new products, most of the attention this show than many corporate restructuring and merger. Road up to and Synthesis, "marriage" work in buildings with high instrument, musician acquired Eagle bathroom, Kohler will be good Dana into his arms, the situation re-acquired before breaking the pattern of fragmentation sanitary industry in China.

    Miao Bin pointed out that the cake market is limited, but the market is increasingly demanding of enterprises. Strong capital, excellent technology and mature management of rivers and lakes are the future of the hard conditions of corporate campaign, although promising sanitary industry, but also a challenge for some enterprises.

    Therefore the enterprise "vertical and horizontal" is not be surprised, sanitary industry competition is "long war", who can ultimately win the battle must have stamina, but also have to have certain strengths, and reserve forces to be strong. In short, who is the overall strength of the strongest, who can upgrade their overall strength, to adapt to market changes, possible relative in the lead position.

    Adjustment of industrial structure out price war

    According to many exhibitors and concept development of the seminar, exhibition exhibition brand, the number of participating businesses as much as in previous years are also unmatched. Bin Miao says that 30 years ago, almost no sanitary ware market in China, not to mention the brand and business. But after three years of development, China became the world's largest consumer market in the bathroom, foreign brands landed, gave birth to the growth of local businesses to bring the entire bathroom industry and market development.

    An industry veteran, regardless of whether the market is sanitary and bathroom businesses or consumers, have experienced a scratch, from small to large, from disorder to order, from the lack of regulatory guidelines to the process of gradual improvement, but with developed countries, there are still a difficult road to par. The source said the bathroom is no doubt the vitality of the industry, because every year many new faces have emerged, new products.

    Experts said that the national industrial policy are adjusted on saving resources and protecting the environment have become increasingly demanding, future requirements companies must increase investment in environmental protection, including staff, to improve the treatment of workers, will cause the cost increase. In the past, many companies rely on low production cost or a price war to compete, and now both the national economy, or are doing bathroom industry growth pattern and industrial structure adjustment. If enterprises can not adapt to changes in the market and the situation is bound to face survival of the fittest, a trend.

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