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Exported to Europe and the United States not free Chinese bathroom from Southeast Asia market
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In recent years, Europe and the United States bathroom market frequently to China to take anti-dumping measures, especially in May this year the EU puts ten points to thirty-six points between the anti-dumping tax, the export to domestic sanitary enterprises is undoubtedly a heavy blow, but with the economic recovery in Southeast Asia and the rise of economic construction, the demand of bathroom market in Southeast Asia, bathroom market perhaps is a piece of "cake".

Sanitary ware production technology is relatively backward countries of Southeast Asia

It is understood, at present, some countries in Southeast Asia is the production line more than 10 years ago, the production line, the production efficiency is low, some on the verge of paralysis, even able to production, the quality of their products simply can not be compared with foreign products, the production rate is slow, the Southeast Asian countries bathroom market welcome overseas enterprises settled desire began to appear.

Due to the outdated design, product variety, production of the traditional idea of backward, especially the "old fashioned" image can not meet the youth market, has been difficult to attract the consumers desire to buy. In addition, sanitary ware production enterprises are reluctant to mass production, which causes: on the one hand, the Southeast Asian countries compared with foreign products, domestic enterprises are at a disadvantage in the aspects of production cost; on the other hand the domestic enterprises in Southeast Asia is relatively high, in addition to the production equipment of large power consumption, in the procurement of raw materials is extremely wasteful, plus local enterprises to purchase foreign equipment, the exchange rate risk, the current Southeast Asia bathroom market to foreign investment, there are many opportunities, the sanitary market has become foreign enterprises and capital into the target.

Southeast Asia and the domestic similar bathroom habits

According to the analysis, the Chinese enterprises and investors, provides an opportunity for Chinese enterprises to enter the local ceramic sanitary ware market. Southeast Asia has been to the Chinese are the majority, and habits of Chinese residential approximation, export sanitary enterprises advantage in China than in Europe and the United States, in the product prices also accord with the local consumer psychology.

In addition, due to the Southeast Asian countries are developing countries, consumers can be used to buy goods and capital investment family is not much, while Europe and the United States sanitary products, high prices are not the best choice for them, such as our price advantage of bathroom products created in conditions. Foshan Ceramic Association Deputy Secretary General Zhuang Li said: "the current China products more suitable for Asian consumers of the economic situation, is popular with local consumers purchase object."

More opportunities in Southeast Asia is, bathroom great market prospects, at present the local sanitary enterprises basically production of glazed tile and a small amount of tiles, there is great development space in the bathroom products, China sanitary ware enterprises should be the sales target positioning in the Southeast Asian market as soon as possible, and the domestic market to foreign markets. Domestic sanitary enterprises such as the high quality bathroom products exported to Southeast Asia, would reduce the domestic competition pressure, and to open up overseas markets, will give the domestic sanitary enterprises bring a new opportunity, of course, in the market at the same time, quality is the most important is the product.

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